Message from the Stars

The message from the stars is an e-card containing a pre-recorded video message from your favourite sports star and a personalised note from yourself to your intended recipient. No more boring and generic cards from a supermarket that have no meaning. Send a special person a message from the stars they won't forget.

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How does it work?


Step 1

Select the Moonrise star or club you would like the message to be from.


Step 2

Add in a personalised message.


Step 3

Add the recipient's contact details and the date you would like it to be sent. On their special day, they will receive their message from the stars.

What makes these messages so great?



No more paying extortionate prices for short 10-30 second messages. You shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for a special occasion. The message from the stars makes sure these experiences are affordable and accessible for everyone.


Good for the environment

No more wasted paper. Sending one physical greetings card produces about 140 grams of carbon dioxide. Together we can all do our bit to reduce our carbon emissions.


Something different

It's always nice to show someone that you care. With the Moonrise message from the stars it shows you have thought about how you can make a special day that bit better.

Looking for someone else?

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