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Are you a business that wants to create strong connections between your brand and your customers? Moonrise Sports offers you the unique ability to create sponsored digital events, providing your customers with 'money can't buy' experiences for FREE.

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This is your opportunity to make a difference!

In the ever growing world of digital marketing, it's hard to stand out. So, why not flip the narrative and focus on creating a loyal customer base, rather than just "selling"? Our sponsored events create an emotional connection between your brand and your customers, which in turn will create more loyal customers.

What are the benefits for businesses using Moonrise?


Huge audience

There are billions of sports fans world-wide. Giving them an experience they will never forget could result in huge rewards for you as a brand.


Give before you take

It is well documented that if we give before we ask for something we are far more likely to get a positive response. Why should marketing be any different?



Moonrise collects vital data from our fans. We can use this data to make sure that our fans have the most targeted experience possible, helping to create accurate data-driven campaigns.


"I’ve had quite a bit to do with Charlie from my Kent cricket days. It’s a great platform to be able to stay in touch with fans. I’ve done a coaching session through Moonrise with Charlie, and it went really well. It’s certainly something I’ll be keen to use in the future.”

Jimmy Neesham

New Zealand international cricketer