Moonrise Sports and AxisStars Partnership

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Charlie Hartley

January 24, 2024 5 min read

Sports, entertainment, and business collide.

The collaboration between Moonrise Sports and AxisStars has created a powerful synergy, bringing together the best of both worlds to enhance the athlete-fan connection. This exciting partnership has already seen prominent athletes like Josh Caulfield from Bristol Bears Rugby and Matt Jarvis, the renowned West Ham and England Footballer, join Moonrise Sports to engage with fans and inspire the next generation.

The Strength of Authentic Connections:

AxisStars, led by former footballer Louis Saha and digital marketing expert Kate Hamer, excels in facilitating authentic, win-win connections between Pro-Athletes and their trusted Partners. The community-driven ethos of AxisStars aligns seamlessly with Moonrise Sports' mission to provide a platform where fans can connect with their sports heroes in meaningful ways.

Unlocking New Avenues with Moonrise Sports:

Moonrise Sports, with its innovative approach to athlete-fan engagement, has found a natural ally in AxisStars. The platform offers diverse digital experiences such as one-on-one video conversations, coaching analysis, masterclasses, competitions, and custom requests. By partnering with AxisStars, Moonrise Sports gains access to a network that simplifies the connection process, making it easier for athletes to explore and embrace these exciting opportunities.

Prominent Athletes Leading the Way:

The involvement of notable athletes like Josh Caulfield and Matt Jarvis in Moonrise Sports speaks volumes about the collaborative success of AxisStars and Moonrise. These athletes, with their diverse sporting backgrounds, bring their expertise and influence to the platform, inspiring fans and shaping the next generation of sports enthusiasts..

A Vision for Positive Impact:

This partnership envisions a future where athletes, empowered by both AxisStars and Moonrise Sports, can confidently navigate their careers, manage their brands, and make a positive social impact. By reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and increasing opportunities for genuine fan interactions, athletes can focus more on changing the world, both within and beyond the sports arena.

In conclusion, the collaboration between AxisStars and Moonrise Sports represents a shift in athlete-fan engagement. By combining the strengths of authentic connections, innovative digital experiences, and a shared vision for positive impact, this partnership is paving the way for a new era in sports, where athletes can thrive both on and off the field.

Charlie Hartley | Moonrise Sports CEO

"Joining forces with a AxisStars is a perfect match as we not only have a vision to inspire sports fans but also support Sports stars past and present to earn money away from their career. As an ex professional I know first hand how stressful It can be moving away from the game but the stories and knowledge will always be there and fans will always be excited to hear them."

Louis Saha | AxisStars CEO

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